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Managing subscriptions to mobile operator payment services

Mobile operators and service providers in Luxembourg have established and adhere to a thorough set of rules of conduct and rely on an efficient technical and operational setup to address any issues that may arise in the context of consumer/content provider relations.

Involved mobile operator payment stakeholders operate a number of services and systems that help mobile phone subscribers to manage their charged service subscriptions and increase transparency

Transparent registration & service termination processes

Thorough monitoring mechanisms

Clear pricing information

How to unsubscribe?

Consumers that want to unsubscribe from Premium SMS services with recurring (e.g. weekly/monthly) billing shall first contact the content/service providers to which they subscribed for the service to request termination.
This can also be done by sending the keyword STOP in a text message to the service’s short code (the 5-digit number used by the service from which billing /subscription text messages are sent – please refer to the informational SMS messages received at the time of subscription activation and in each monthly billing message).
Alternatively, termination of the service can also be requested through the website

What is StopSMS?

stop icon is a joint service by Luxembourg mobile operators that allows owners of Luxembourg mobile phone numbers to terminate subscription-based Premium SMS Services that are charged at regular intervals to their mobile phone subscription plan/invoices.

Mobile phone subscribers get a list of Premium SMS Services their mobile phone number is currently subscribed to by entering their phone number on the landing page.

Common questions about unsubscribing & refunds

  • Unsubscribing from subscribed services is very simple. To do so, mobile phone subscribers simply have to send a text message with “Stop” to the short code that sent them the premium SMS.
  • Visit for more details.

To obtain a refund, mobile subscribers are best advised to contact the provider of the premium service offering/selling the service in question. The latter are obliged to provide their contact details. However, certain conditions apply to obtaining a refund: a refund can be requested if there is no proof of the subscription made by the end-user or if the content provider/service does not comply with the law and/or the regulation.

For subscription-based Premium SMS services, will provide the details of the services that a mobile subscriber has registered and is paying for.

The owner of the phone is always responsible for its usage. Accordingly, mobile phone owners should always be careful who they allow to use their phone. A refund in such cases can not be guaranteed.

  • Get a list of Premium SMS Services your mobile phone number is currently subscribed to by entering your phone number at
  • Click on the “Request list of services” button to receive a link that will be sent to this phone number by text message. This text message will contain a link pointing to a list of services your mobile phone number is currently subscribed to. On this list you can easily terminate your subscription from any of these Premium SMS Services and/or request additional information from the content providers operating these services.

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