You have a question about mobile operator payments? We have an answer.

Yes, it is secure. The mobile phone subscriber who wants to purchase a digital service does not have to enter his credit card or bank details or have a bank account. He or she also does not have to remember passwords or usernames as with other payment sites. Most importantly, it is safe because no personal information other than the phone number is required.

Users can check with their mobile operator whether their numbers and tariffs allow premium SMS services. Generally, SMS payments and direct billing work across all mobile devices and can be made accessible to any mobile phone user who has a subscription or prepaid tariff with a telecom operator.

Maximum 3€ per SMS (VAT included).

The maximum amount per week is 9 € (including VAT). Correspondingly, the number of SMS sent per week per service is usually 3.

The maximum amount per transaction for direct billing is 50 € (incl. VAT).

All Luxembourg mobile operators allow premium SMS billing. Direct billing services are provided by Tango and Orange.

Depending on the mobile network operator, premium services are shown as “additional services” or “chargeable services” on the monthly mobile phone bill. They are clearly and transparently marked.

  • Unsubscribing from subscribed services is very simple. To do so, mobile phone subscribers simply have to send a text message with “Stop” to the short code that sent them the premium SMS.
  • Visit http://www.stopsms.lu for more details.

The owner of the phone is always responsible for its usage. Accordingly, mobile phone owners should always be careful who they allow to use their phone. A refund in such cases can not be guaranteed.

For a refund, mobile subscribers are best advised to contact the premium service provider who offers/sold the service in question. For subscription-based Premium SMS services, stopsms.lu will provide the details of the services that a mobile subscriber has registered and is paying for.

  • Get a list of Premium SMS Services your mobile phone number is currently subscribed to by entering your phone number at https://stopsms.lu.
  • Click on the “Request list of services” button to receive a link that will be sent to this phone number by text message. This text message will contain a link pointing to a list of services your mobile phone number is currently subscribed to. On this list you can easily terminate your subscription from any of these Premium SMS Services and/or request additional information from the content providers operating these services.

Minors must obtain permission from their parents or a legal guardian to subscribe to premium services. Service providers must take all necessary measures to prevent minors from accessing adult content.

In February 2007 European mobile providers and content providers developed an EU-wide common framework to ensure safer use of mobiles by younger teenagers and children. The latter is supported by the Luxembourg Mobile Operators and they reached an agreement to develop respective initiatives. This framework will therefore be subject to national implementation by the signatory providers and the mobile operators. More info here: Luxembourg Code of Conduct for Safer Mobile Use by Younger Teenagers and Children

If you are a merchant looking for ways to integrate premium SMS payments, please visit https://mpulse.eu/telecom-billing/ or Contact – Mpulse

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