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Stop sms is a joint service provided by Mpulse and mobile operators that allows owners of Luxembourg mobile phone numbers to view and take action on the subscribed premium services that charge for SMSs, such as gaming portals, video streaming, music streaming, audio books, etc. Thanks to, service providers can reply to your requests in a secure environment monitored by Mpulse. Note that your operator can check if your requests have been treated by the content provider thanks to It is important to note that is a fully automated service and will not be able to reply to your emails sent to

Mpulse is a technical partner (aggregator) that connects service providers to operators to allow them to deliver the SMSs they send to their customers. Mpulse is contractually linked to operators on one side and service providers on the other (but not with consumers). Mpulse doesn’t have access to any personal information of the phone number targeted by the SMSs sent by service providers, such as name, address, and email. Mpulse is not allowed to sell, share, or disclose any phone number related to the operators’ networks to third parties. Mpulse pushes SMS requests from service providers to the correct operator based on the indicated phone number. Mpulse also pushes the SMSs you send to service providers (containing keyword SMSs to subscribe and your “stop” SMS), which are transferred to Mpulse by your operator based on the short code you defined as the recipient of your SMS.

Your operator provides you with your mobile phone number and the related communications, data, and SMS plan. The premium service concerned is provided by a service provider, and only the service provider is allowed to provide you with the details and information about the service, due to GDPR regulation and corresponding data protection rules. is a simple and secure way to let the service provider provide you with these details. is placed in between to ensure that the service provider will answer (a monitoring of the tickets is defined for this purpose). However, you are always free to contact the service provider directly, and their contact details are provided in the SMS you received, on the pages of the service, and in the copy of email when you request details from


Mpulse is not linked to you by any contracts and is not allowed to disclose any details or data (contents and/or source of the SMSs) with you. That’s why has been created to let you have control over the services and a secure way to contact the service providers.’s language is automatically adjusted to the language set in your internet browser. However, you can also select a language manually by clicking on the language indicator in the top right menu on the page. You can choose from four languages: French, English, German, and Portuguese. Please note that the Service Provider is expected to respond in the same language that you choose, except for the initial automated message.

Yes, you can use the service for free. This service is provided free of charge by Mpulse and your operator.

By clicking on the “stop” button, the service in question is immediately blocked. This means that no further charged SMS can be delivered to your phone number from this service.

When you request details of the service or a refund, the Service Provider, like, only knows your phone number. To receive a reply, you need to provide a valid email address. If there is a mistake or typo in your email address, you will not receive the reply from the Service Provider.

Provide your phone number and follow the link provided by SMS to access the list of services.

  • Click on the service concerned to expand the “Activity” section or Click the small arrow on the right corner.
  • You will find all your actions and the status, or if the Service Provider has replied.

I get a “request identifier expired” message on my screen when I refresh the page or click on the link received by SMS.The link has a limited lifetime for security and data protection purposes. This ensures that only the owner of the phone number can access the list. To view the list again, you will need to request a new link by entering your phone number.

Pay attention to the “Block Sender” function on your phone. The “Block Sender” function may prevent you from seeing messages that have been received.

If you’ve been charged for SMSs by a service provider that you haven’t received, it’s possible that you activated the “Block Sender” function when receiving the first SMS. However, this function only prevents the message from being displayed on the screen; the SMS is still received by your phone. To see all the SMSs received, you will need to unblock the sender.

To ensure that you are no longer charged by a particular service, you can take the following steps:

  • Send a free SMS with the word “STOP” to the number that sent you the messages. The service provider is obligated to stop sending you SMS messages. They must also send you a confirmation SMS to your phone number from another non-premium short code.
  • Use and click on “stop” for the specific service you want to block. The number associated with the service can be found in the list of services on your phone.

Stop sms example

Premium SMSs are services that are charged to your phone bill at a premium rate. These services can include ringtones, horoscopes, games, and other content. If you want more information about Premium Services, you can visit the page for further details.